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A Principal's Role in Transformation: A Ford NGL Profiles and Insights Report

Our latest Ford NGL Profiles and Insights report is a behind the curtains look at how to support your career academy principals.

The report focuses on the role and experience of both executive and career academy principal positions in the career academy model. Nine key insights with supporting documentation provide valuable information on how you can better support your principals as they lead their career academy teams.

Community Structures: Profiles and Insights

What types of systems, structures, and processes does a Ford NGL community need in order to effectively and efficiently transform education? This report profiles several Ford NGL communities at various stages of their journey. The communities share experiences and insights in order to help other network members put together a winning strategy.

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Bridging the Worlds of School and Work: Profiles and Insights

The core talent development strategy that prepares the workforce of tomorrow, today, is Ford NGL Community-connected Learning (CCL). When combined with powerful partnerships, Ford NGL Community-connected Learning can make the prepared workforce of tomorrow a reality! This report is one way we are continuing to examines the school and employer engagement structures and processes that must be in place to support CCL and sustain transformed teaching and learning. In this report, benefit from the processes, experiences, and tips as shared by academy/pathway leaders and employee partner representatives. Read about their successes and the actions they took to overcome some of the same challenges you may be facing in your community.

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Work-based Learning Protocols​

Powerful partnerships are key to effectively and efficiently transforming education. One of the most common pitfalls communities experience when developing those relationships, is short-changing the time needed to design and implement work-based learning experiences. Sometimes planning for work-based learning is limited or not done at all. It may feel like you’re saving time, but in the end it will require more time and resources. It may even result in the loss of a key partner relationship vital to your students’ success.

We want to save you time and resources and help you build the powerful partnerships you and your students need.

That’s why we have detailed six protocols that will develop and nurture more powerful relationships (both new and existing) between employers, teachers, and students. Move your relationships from transactional to transformational by beginning to applying these proven protocols today!

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