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Structures to set your Career Academy Dream Team up for Success

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of the transformative career academy model then you’ve got to consider what school based structures and roles are going to set you up for success.

Impact roles like principals, academy coaches, counselors, and teachers need to work together in a system that ensures success for the student, teacher, and employer partner and in our hour long conversation we’re spotlighting the 3C’s (communication, collaboration, and coordination) and unpacking how they are the key to generating change.

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The Nashville Hub has been a long-time partner of Ford NGL providing many professional development services that cover a variety of topics. They provide many of the services that are foundational to the Community-connected Learning Continuum and utilize the expertise of practitioners of the career academy model, pathways, social-emotional learning, community schools and more. Nashville Hub also hosts the Academies of Nashville Study Visit. Learn more about the Nashville Hub HERE.

Carrie Whittaker

Nashville Hub Consultant

Interdisciplinary Teaming for Academies & Team Leader Training

Kelly Henderson

Professional Development Coach

Master Scheduling Training

Jacob Glancy

Nashville Hub Consultant

Academy Coach Training

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