Ford NGL U Leadership Council Circle

Gain and share the experiences and insights needed to strengthen your community’s Implementation of the Ford NGL Framework. Learn more about the knowledge, skills, and resources required for success.
  • Must have an approved Ford NGL Master Plan.
  • Must be identified as a Leadership Council member for your community.

What is the Ford NGL Leadership Council?

      The Ford NGL Leadership Council is comprised of key stakeholders from each of the                                           Ford NGL communities that have moved on to Phase 4.                                     (Each of these communities has a completed master plan.)

Since 2012, the Leadership Council has met in person annually. Now, with the recent launch of a new Ford NGL U Circle, the Leadership Council will be convening virtually several times a year. This will facilitate and encourage more frequent collaboration and sharing among our leaders from around the world.

Leadership council members value the connections made and reinforced during council gatherings. They are energized from the meetings, because it is an opportunity to both learn from and support one another. The Ford NGL U Leadership Council Circle is one way we can leverage these relationships and increase the number of opportunities to exchange best practices and address challenges.

What are the benefits?

Participants will have the opportunity to advance their work with the benefit of the perspectives and opinions offered by a diverse group of their peers


Offers new information, and perspectives.


Reinforces a sense of a common purpose.


Adds value to professional and personal lives.


Helps build a national network of colleagues.


Prevents “reinvention of the wheel.”


Sparks creative ideas that can produce new initiatives and thinking.


Provides national perspective on best practices and addressing challenges.


Affords an opportunity to contribute to the direction of Ford NGL.


Gives voice to more communities and stakeholders to influence national reform efforts.

Register Today to Apply for the Ford NGL U Leadership Council Circle

Thank you for your interest in Ford NGL U’s Circles. As a reminder these circles will be free for In-Network registrants.
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