Ford NGL K-12 PBL Train the Trainer

Ford NGL offers a unique approach to training teachers. It’s built around a train-the-trainer strategy that ensures it is sustainable, scalable, and ultimately saves you training dollars.

We apply and promote the use of Ford NGL Community-connected Learning which builds upon    common project-based learning training and takes it to a whole new level.

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What is a PBL train-the-trainer?

This train-the-trainer program is all about Level 1 of the Ford NGL Community-connected Learning continuum. It ensures your K-12 teachers have a solid foundation in designing and facilitating projects that are linked to the real world.

This is a strategy that any teacher can apply in the classroom to make learning more meaningful and purposeful for their students. Given the reality of teacher turnover, it is important that states, regions, and districts find a feasible and economical way to keep this strategy active within the school. The benefits will be lost if the strategy exits with a departing teacher.

The Delivery

All train-the-trainer programs are offered through a blended learning approach using both in-person experiences and virtual experiences to meet the needs of the adult learners.




Level 1 - Foundations of Project-based Learning (Individual Teacher Driven)

The focus of Level 1 is to prepare the individual teacher to use project-based learning in their classroom as one of the main instructional strategies. The Ford NGL K-12 PBL Roadmap process outlines a series of steps to design, facilitate, structure, and manage the students’ experience and exposure to authentic projects. It is important for the individual teacher to understand how to use PBL to teach their standards. This is a key driver for success if the expectation is for that teacher to become part of an interdisciplinary team and design interdisciplinary projects.

Level 1 of the Ford NGL CCL continuum is available for the K-12 space. Moving up the continuum into level 2 and beyond, efforts will focus on interdisciplinary design of projects (working within a team that is based on deeper employer partnerships).

Potential Deliverables

Ford NGL Community-connected Learning transforms the way teachers, students, and employers engage with each other. It is a customized step-by-step process that prepares students for their future careers, connects teachers to real-world applications of their course content, and strengthens employers’ local talent pool.

the roadmap

Learn the Ford NGL K-12 PBL Roadmap process.

link up

Learn how to link community and business partners to your student projects.

Design thinking

Learn how to use design thinking to structure your projects.


Learn how to instructionally coach others in your district to scale your districts PBL professional development strategy.

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