Ford NGL U Partnership Directors Circle

Whether you are new to this role or have been there for a few years, this Circle is geared to a professional network that is building a strong, powerful, partnership system that allows schools and employer organizations to function within the right structures, with the right support that provides opportunities for all young people.

Is this Ford NGL U Circle right for you?

This Ford NGL U Circle is geared towards those directors, managers, and/or coordinators that oversee the employer engagement and school partnerships at the district and/or community level.  The expectation is that your community has pathways and/or career academies within the school district.

If you answer yes to the following questions then this Circle is the perfect fit!

Are you responsible for supporting the academy coach-type roles in your district and ensuring consistent use of the partnership processes?

Are you responsible for the overall partnership system in your district/community, which bridges all the pathway/career academies, and your community's employers?

Are you part of the evaluation team that assesses the community/district's overall partnership system by analyzing the structures, roles, and processes within that system for improvements?

Do you have a direct role in recruiting and onboarding business partners, as well as helping to match them to the correct pathway/academy team across your community?

Is your position considered partnership management and sustainment for all partnerships rather than a specific subset of pathway/academy partnerships?

What's in it for me?

Participants in this Ford NGL U Circle will gain gain resources, insights, and support that are needed to elevate their work!

Relevant Resources & Material

Access resources, material, and tools designed specifically around the Ford NGL’s Blueprint for Powerful Partnerships + more!


Lean into this Circle and get the support and advice just-in-the-time frame you need it. One of the functions of this Circle is that members provide intentional feedback that helps you find solutions to your challenges.

Leadership Development

Strengthen your leadership skills essential to this role. You will learn more about a distributed leadership model, so your pathway and academy teams can go farther in supporting their students and business partners!

Professional Network

Convene with practitioners and friends from across the globe who share similar roles to you. Lean-in together, learn together, and grow together.

Meet the Facilitators


Kristin Wingfeld


Paula Chaon

Register Today to join the Ford NGL Circle for Partnership Directors

Thank you for your interest in Ford NGL U’s Circles. As a reminder these circles will be free and open to Phase 4 & 5 communities.

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