Ford NGL U Academy Coaches’ Circle

We’re bringing together academy coaches and coordinators to create a safe working space. Within this space, participants will share and leverage role specific knowledge; provide and receive relevant professional support; and develop a collective of go-to colleagues and friends they can count on for open dialogue and fresh ideas.

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Network and learn with your peers.

The Ford NGL Network is an invaluable source for information and ideas. From the deep and meaningful relationships networking can provide, to the breadth of expertise we have as team of lifelong learners— we work together to enhance your Ford NGL experience.

With the launch of Ford NGL Circles, we are enriching your experience even further by teaming you with network colleagues who are in (or have worked in) a role similar to yours. We know that you’re looking for additional opportunities to learn advanced methods and meet challenges. Ford NGL Circles are here to make that happen by leveraging the experience and resources of your network. Sign up today, and don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

What's in it for me?

Participating academy coaches will become masters of the protocols and processes that are needed to elevate their work. These circle sessions will enrich the Ford NGL coaching experience, advance individual professional development, and provide additional resources and support. Benefits to participants include, but are not limited to, the following:

Relevant Resources

Access resources designed specifically for academy coaches.

Intentional Support

Benefit from the support of a team collectively dedicated to providing intentional feedback aimed at helping you find solutions to your challenges.

Leadership Development

Take advantage of opportunities to develop leadership skills essential to your role.

Dedicated Community

Network with experts and friends who share the same role and come together to support each other’s work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever been in a professional learning community or a community of practice? If so, a Ford NGL U Circle is similar to that experience. You will be cohorted with others in your role to explore and discuss implementation successes and challenges. Your Ford NGL U Circle is a group of like-minded individuals from the Ford NGL Network who have the same mission and vision as you — transforming teaching and learning, the secondary school experience, and civic and business engagement.

Yes, because Ford NGL U Circles are designed just for you! They are one of the many valued benefits of being part of the Ford NGL family. You get access to Ford NGL U, so you can strengthen your efforts and your community’s journey.

Talk with our team! There might be information we can provide your employer to ensure you get credit.

We all have a zillion and one things going on. Sometimes life just gets in the way of doing everything you want. That’s why we strive to keep it simple, to the point, and adding value to your world. All we ask from you is that you actively participate. That’s it! Just join in the virtual meetups and engage in our platform for sharing resources and insights. That’s the beauty of a Ford NGL U Circle! If everyone is participating and sharing, the circle gets stronger, and everybody walks away with more resources and supportive colleagues. For a small investment of your time, the returns can actually save you time while solving your challenges.
Other than being a part of a member community, the only consideration is making sure you are in the right Ford NGL U Circle. We can help you consider your options and make the best choices.
It is FREE for Ford NGL Network members! Ford NGL U’s role is to enhance what you are doing in your community. Ford NGL U does this is by providing you and your community stakeholders a variety of opportunities to learn and grow.

Yes! This is the beauty of the Ford NGL Network. You will develop relationships with the other members of your cohort. You can always reach out to one another to share your experiences, challenges, and solutions.

Great question! Always check Ford NGL U website. We are constantly sharing and offering a variety of learning opportunities. If there is something more you are looking for, let’s talk! Reach out to your Ford NGL coaching team or email us at

Your Host

Terry Jackley

Terri Jackley has 31 years of experience as an educator and is in her 4th year as an academy coach for the Academies of Racine, Case High School, in Racine Unified School District (RUSD) located in Wisconsin. As an academy coach, her primary role is to connect the world of school and work and support her career academy teams. She has a deep passion connecting students to local employers and post-secondary opportunities which drivers her motivation to build strong partnerships between the academy teachers and students, local employers and community members. She really enjoys sharing what she has learned along the way, but she also enjoys the opportunities to grow and learn from others! Visit here to learn more about the career academies that Terri supports.

Racine, WI has been a Ford NGL community for 4 years, which focuses on building systems and structures that unifies both the community and school district to make learning more relevant for students and build a stronger workforce.

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