Unlock the Power of Partnerships

A blueprint for effective and strategic partnerships between educators and employers to advance the success of all students

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As the world changes so should organizational partnerships. Only when this change happens will there be a way to magnify impact, enhance effectiveness, and create new opportunities.

Do these partnership barriers sound familiar?

If you’re struggling in any of the areas below, stop spending already limited resources trying to crack the code of effective partnerships and let us help.

Having Difficulty

building a win-win relationship that has a strong foundation of communication, coordination, and collaboration among all stakeholders?


allocating the right support & resources to build and scale a process that maintains quality partnerships among educators and employer organizations?

Not Sure About

what readiness and capacity indicates a partnership has what it takes to go to the next level (Powerful Partnership status)?

You're Not Alone

Employer and educator partnerships play a significant role in achieving workforce outcomes and learning goals for students BUT are so complex to build and sustain!

Now Imagine A Talent Development System Where


Gain 20 Years of Partnership Building Experience In a Variety of Ways

We’ll teach you everything we’ve learned over the past 20+ years of building Powerful Partnerships across the globe.

There is an art and science to building Powerful Partnerships! Achieving an effective partnership that produces results desired by both the educators and the employers requires a blueprint that incorporates a strategy, a guided process, and Ford NGL’s expertise.

The Blueprint for Creating Powerful Partnerships

We’ve packaged everything we’ve learned about building Powerful Partnerships into one core blueprint that we’re going to share with you

Identify & Develop

Sustain & Scale

Implement & Manage

Measure & Improve

A Customized Plan Just for You

Regardless of what your partnership strategy looks like today, Ford NGL coaches will conduct a series of discovery meetings that produce solutions-based, customized recommendations outlined in a support plan.

Want to Know How to Implement this Blueprint and Become a Powerful Partnership Expert?

If you’re struggling to create Powerful Partnerships that transform the lives of the students in your community, and are looking for an easy to follow, customized, system and set of tools that’s instantly ready for you to implement, then simply enter your information to learn more.

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